Westland Nurseries


Founded over 80 years ago Westlands began their journey growing baby leaf salads. It wasn’t until the start of the millennium that the business changed direction and moved on to Micro Leaf and Sea Vegetables and then Edible Flowers and Specialty Tomatoes.

Our Collection

Westlands have divided their vast range into 5 core categories.

  • Micro Leaf – from Micro Coriander to Red Chard Westlands have dominated the Micro industry and grow pretty much every Micro you can think of.
  • Edible Flowers & Inspired Leaves. The addition of adding eye-catching Edible Flowers to dishes has soared over the past decade. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing most also offer a unique taste.
  • Taste of the Sea. This is where 80 years of experience comes into play. Westlands are one of the only growers of UK Samphire. Something that has taken years to perfect. Aside from that, they grow over 12 unique Sea Vegetables all of which complement the coastline.
  • Growing Range. By forming close connections to many Chefs their feedback meant that Westlands further developed their range into living trays which are very popular.
  • Speciality Tomatoes – Westlands Speciality Tomatoes really are something special. A rainbow of colours and flavours – some with a Brix level sweeter than Strawberries.


From their irrigation right through to their packaging, Westlands do all they can to be more resource-efficient. Sustainability is at the forefront of their minds and they’re passionate about sustainable growth and looking after our planet and its resources. That’s why they do whatever they can to sustainably grow their delicious range.

The punnets are made from RPET material which is produced from 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. They use recycled fabric offcuts to grow our range of Micro Leaves, which is cleaner and innovative. Their two reservoirs and 6 storage tanks mean they are able to use rainwater wherever possible. All water is filtered, cleaned, and sanitised using both UV and ozone before it is used to grow our produce.

Sustainable growing is not only the right thing to do, but also results in better and, in their opinion, more delicious produce!

Find out more at: Westlands UK