H. Greaves & Son

H. Greaves & Son are a true family business. Spanning three generations of Greaves’s, ‘family’ is key to the identity of this West Lancashire butchers. Chris Greaves, grandson of founder Harry – the ‘H’ of H. Greaves – tells us, “It’s always been in the family and that’s one thing that we take pride in. With all of us in the family, we’re always here and we can always take that extra pride in what we’re trying to do; in what we achieve and the service we’re trying to give to the customers. It’s something that was instilled in us from my dad, from my granddad. It’s something we’ve always taken pride in, the service that we give to people.”

Born and bred butchers, Chris, his brother Robert and sister Clare have taken on the family business from their parents, expanding the original butchers to include a greater wholesale and catering side. Speaking of his passion for what they all achieve on a daily basis, Chris explains, “When you’re in a family business, it’s bred into you, you grow up with it. It’s bred into you, the passion and everything that you have for the food because you don’t know anything else. It’s all you’ve done all your life, it’s all you’ve worked with, lived with – it’s your life.”

Pride in what Greaves produces is twofold for Chris and takes into account both the quality of the product and the way that they work with customers: “We take a lot of care over how we handle the products and the ageing of it is a crucial part of it to make sure we’ve got a good quality product.” On their relationship with customers, Chris explains, “I think we give a very good service. We do try and go out of our way to make customers happy, give them what they’re asking for and if there’s a problem we try and solve the problem. We do go that extra mile to make them satisfied in what we do, because at the end of the day without the customers, we’re nothing are we?”

At the other end of the chain and of equal importance are the farmers that Greaves source their meat from: “Support your local farmers – it’s something we always try and do. We’ve got local farmers that we know as well – it just helps them. We’ve worked with some of them for a long, long time, so some have become quite good friends.” Tried and tested, Chris tells us about their local supply chain, “We try and buy as local as we can in anything; we try and get most of our beef from the northwest.”

Passion, pride and satisfaction in their work are tangible in all who work at H. Greaves & Son. Chris sums this up in a final piece of wisdom: “What I try and do is try and think positive. I think that’s what we need to do generally – just think positive and things can be done.”

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