Graham's - The Family Dairy

Graham’s Family Dairy, who currently employ over 500 people and work with 110 Scottish farmers, is an exemplary symbol of a successful food company still run by the founders, going back an impressive five generations to 1937.

We spoke to Business Development Manager and proud Scotsman, Douglas Houston, who tells us that their success is due to the long-standing provenance of their product. They are deeply passionate about supporting local businesses: “as a patriotic Scotsman it’s very important especially within the dairy industry that we keep everything Scottish. If you look at supermarkets in the UK there are very few Scottish brands there. It’s important that we as an industry compete and try to grow”.

The aspect of the business they are most pleased with? Douglas remarks: “from my point of view, knowing that our products are out in the market place and we are the number one dairy brand in Scotland. The product in terms of quality is the highest you’ll get throughout the UK and we are proud of that” and with an ERC rating of triple 11 they have every reason to shout about their delightful dairy.

Despite running a traditional business, this savvy dairy company are consistently working to lessen their environmental impact, investing in new tools to route map their journeys, in order to minimise food miles as much as possible.

As you would expect, Douglas finds direct customer contact the most rewarding part of the business and enjoys going the extra mile (metaphorically) to educate their customers on the company’s evolving environmental policies.

Douglas leaves us with a humbling remark: “I try to think I live my life by thinking of people, people are important to me. I don’t jump looking for money, I’m happy, I’ve got quality in my life. The most important thing is your relationship with people and respecting people”.

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