IDC has been supporting our customers and providing excellent, varied services since 1995. So, when our Care Home customers required support to source vital PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in a moment of crisis, we quickly responded by mobilizing a small, dedicated team to meet their needs.

IDC Wellbeing* offers a range of support services covering PPE, Wellbeing Packs, Office Packs and Hygiene Packs as well as our Original Care Packs, including the highly popular Warm Pack.


Our unique approach to PPE is to source high-quality certified product, using trusted suppliers, accompanied by unbeatable customer service.

We ensure that your business is well equipped with the essential high quality PPE and Care Packs it needs to operate at the highest standards of health and hygiene – all at affordable prices.

Find out more at: IDC Wellbeing

PPE Mask from IDC