Brexit: Everything you need to know

31st December 2020


The Issues
With the ink still not dry on the trade deal between the EU and the UK it looks increasingly likely that the worst case scenarios have been avoided, and much of the uncertainty of recent years will be laid to rest.

Though the potentially ruinous tariffs seem to have been avoided, the UK will now be trading with the EU as a “third country”, meaning there will be issues with increased paperwork on import and export. Walk into any British supermarket and you will be surrounded by European products. Around 30% of all food consumed in the UK is imported from the EU, similarly it is our largest export market.

Even with a deal it may take six to nine months for supply to normalise. It remains unclear how far reaching the effects will be, at what point the new regulations will come into effect and the extent of the disruption to supply.

Both imports and exports are likely to be affected by regulations requiring border checks and inspections. This means delays at ports and the surrounding areas. The knock on effect could seriously affect the UK logistics industry.

Food prices will be affected by trade friction and the AHDB is predicting rises of between 2% and 8% in all areas.

UK regulations will change and it may require significant administration to simply maintain the same supplies as before.

What We’re Doing

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU will occur on from 1st January 2021. Our plans will limit risk, provide suitable alternatives and ensure minimal break in the supply of the product categories provided to our customers.
idc’s key focus is our clients. To this end we are working closely with our supply chain, forward planning, cost management and product availability.
Our suppliers across all categories gives idc the opportunity to engage in viable alternatives, with the ability to react to any changes immediately.
We proudly serve many clients across multiple sectors, which ensures no single point of weakness and the ability to work with you to balance out any fluctuations, issues or changes.
Most importantly we balance relationships and knowledge to find alternative solutions where necessary.
Brexit is unknown but we have been listening to our customers, sector opinions and options from government and the likes of NFU, BRC and now have plans in place that offers stability, alternatives and immediate solutions where required.


Brexit will impact us all in some way and therefore it is more important than ever to strengthen business models, supplier relationships and the service we offer to you the key client.

Our position of strength come from our our business model. This gives you security as we are UK centric in nature and are able to provide transparency to manage costs and margins; this allows idc to offer the best service and solutions across our full supplier and client base and beyond.

idc Brexit
  • Our suppliers are 95% UK and outside of the standard offer in Fresh Produce, the number of EU sourced products is minimal.
  • We have over 192 active and 100 engaged suppliers to ensure any short supply issues are mitigated.
  • We are aware of the areas that require close management and will always have alternatives.
  • Product availability will be updated daily to ensure products which are readily available are highlighted to our customers.
  • Any price change on individual product lines is communicated ahead of time to help customers can make an informed choice.
  • We offer improved purchasing and menu choices to ensure seasonality and reducing any risk to your business.
  • There are key non EU cross border supply markets such as the Middle East, South America and Africa which are both outside the EU as well as the UK alternatives.

Customer Support

Internally we are monitoring all possible risk areas with the ability to switch solution the same day.

How we are planning:

  • We will keep you updated with news on the supply chain each week post Jan 1st
  • Where products become scarce or prices increase dramatically, we will make all clients aware and ensure an alternative is provided
  • We will add/remove products from clients Buying List should they become too expensive or unavailable
  • We will send a ‘Risk’ list each week with products/product groups we feel are at risk of significant price movements or shortages, along with the likely time frame these will not be available

What we will do:

  • Review the individual client Buying List in line with supplier intelligence and suggest rationalisations that can lead to savings/supply security
  • Review Menus and Recipes to ensure they are as seasonal, rationalised and in line with product availability as much as we are able
  • We are also looking to increase our access to dry and frozen goods, to look to utilise this to bolster certain product lines should the need arise

Our team:

  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Meat & Fish, Dairy and Fresh Produce experts
  • Dedicated Customer Service team of 7
  • Our team is available from 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, 8.00am – Noon on Saturday and Sundays via phone and email

For more information, read our
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