November we will see growers pulling the last potatoes out of the ground and moving to cold store.  With our national situation, the current supply is outstripping demand and bringing prices down.


Green grapes are in good supply from Greece and the prices have come down, there is also a good supply of red grapes from Spain and Italy.  Prices will start to creep up when we hit December as we move to Southern Hemisphere grapes, usually starting with Namibia.

idc Potatoes


Cauliflowers have seen some real high prices for the last month. We are nearing the end of the UK season and within the first couple of weeks of November, we will be moving over to French and Spanish new season.  This is typically more expensive than the UK season.

Broccoli has remained steady on price with the UK season, again we will be moving over to Spanish new season.


UK Bramley apples – new season is now well underway, and you should notice the deep green colour compared with the pale skinned cold stored fruit over the summer.  The prices have also really dropped which again is typical for the new season start.

French apples – All the French apple are now readily available. Prices have dropped now due to the new season French starting, southern hemisphere fruit is typically always more expensive.

idc Oranges


Satsuma – We are now seeing the start of the new season Spanish; the Southern hemisphere will remain in better colour but at a higher price. Spanish Satsumas have just started and the colour and taste will continue to improve as the season matures.

Spanish new season oranges will start to come through over the next few weeks.  It is worth noting the colour and taste is never the same as the last of the South African season.  The best tasting Valencia oranges will only start later in the season along with the Egyptian Baladi and Valencia varieties.

Turkish new season grapefruit is starting this week and with good supply from Israeli, market prices will fall.

Stone Fruit

The last of the Spanish Angelino plums are coming through, prices remain steady waiting for the new season South African to start.  Peach and Nectarine have reached the end of the season and will be waiting for the new season South African to start mid to late November.

Soft Fruit

Strawberry will see a sharp rise in price as the UK season comes to an end and we solely rely upon the Belgium and Dutch strawberry.  Late November/ Beginning of December the Egyptian strawberry will start and bring prices down.


Leaf products will see a rise in price as we move from the UK grown produce to Italian. We will also move from UK lettuce to French lettuce again we will see price increases.  Quality is coming through good and there are no foreseen issues.

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