Stephen's Butchery Skills

We recently had a captivating photo-shoot with our IDC Fresh Meat & Poultry Expert, Stephen Hellewell, who gave us a brilliant butchery demonstration. He humbly remarks “I wouldn’t call myself an expert” but with 38 years of experience we beg to differ.

Stephen’s uncle bought a butcher’s shop when Stephen was 10 years old, in which he did his first day’s work at 11 years old. He told us “I would peel potatoes at my parents’ fish and chip shop then I would work at my uncle’s butchers right next door. I helped with delivering and went to buy meat with my uncle. I would sit in the back of the van checking the meat and quantities as sometimes meat may go astray.”

“As the business grew, I went on to become managing director. In catering there were long hours, day and night shifts, but I loved it. There was no time to be in the office sat down so I would be on the factory floor cutting meat, overseeing the business. When a customer was visiting, I would meet with them then go straight back to the floor! I loved the fast-paced environment, being on the factory floor cutting meat, getting stuck in but also meeting customers and talking to them about different cuts they wanted for their establishments.”

It is often difficult to find exceptional butchers; you need to have the skills and experience which nowadays is not as common. Hence why we are thrilled to have a proficient Fresh Meat & Poultry Expert who, due to his years of experience in the field, can effortlessly judge the standards of businesses and the skills of a butcher so our customers receive the best quality meat on the market.

We would like to thank H. Greaves & Son for the excellent quality meat and poultry provided for Stephen’s demonstration – you can read their supplier story here.