Care Home Heroes

We are incredibly proud that many of our team are using their free time to volunteer for hospitals, care homes and doing all they can to show support to our carers and the NHS.

When going for his daily jog, our Dairy expert, commonly known as Dan the dairy man heard an elderly lady (in his own words) shouting “HELP, please help!” The front door to the lady’s nursing home was jammed shut and they were unable to open it. Dan ran home, got his tools and after about 20 minutes the door was mended and Dan’s ego had doubled in size.

Dan told us: “my little lads were very impressed with my achievements. When I got home, they said next time put the Batman costume on, that would be the coolest thing ever, Dad!” Who knew our very own Dan the dairy man was also Dan the care home hero?

Anna, who heads up our marketing, put the weekend to good use cutting up rectangles of fabric with her family to be sewn into laundry bags for scrubs, as part of a local initiative to help the NHS. The first delivery was very gratefully received by the local ambulance service – every little helps!

We would also like to stay a huge thank you to all the UK’s volunteer. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Carly, who is now a Bourton on the Water support volunteer and has five houses with vulnerable people who she is looking after alongside caring for her grandmother, Joyce with Chief Executive Officer, Chris Edwards.

Our Director of Customer Service, Claire has let us know that her partner has put himself forward to do plumbing for the additional hospitals built due to Covid-19!

Thank you, Andy, for doing that little bit more, we truly appreciate your hard work during this time!