Drop Shipment

What is drop shipment?
Suppliers can deal direct with the retailers, however they prefer to deal with the buying group head office so they are not spending much of their valuable time chasing payments.
Retailers prefer to pay for their direct supplier deliveries with their weekly buying group payment. Hundreds of suppliers delivering products to hundreds of retailers creates thousands of invoices which requires substantial accounts/admin resources at the buying group head office.

The Process

  • The suppliers send all invoices to IDC for processing
  • IDC electronically send a single statement to the buying group accounts system
  • Buying group make a single payment to IDC
  • IDC pay all suppliers

Benefits to buying groups

  • Improved offering for member retailers
  • Reduced administration / accounts costs
  • One contact for all supplier information
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Income stream generator
  • Market leading on-line lead generation and tracking system

Benefits to suppliers

  • Reduction on administration
  • No need to credit check individual sites
  • More time to spend selling
  • Support and promotion of products and service
  • One invoicing point
  • All invoices process and collected
  • Dedicated customer support team

If you are a symbol group and you would be interested in finding out how we can improve your drop shipment scheme or if you would like us to create a bespoke scheme for your members or if you are a supplier and would like to see what opportunities are available; please do not hesitate to contact our business development team on 0330 094 8788

For more information on Drop Shipment

please contact us on 0330 094 8788