Pork prices are unchanged from last week’s slight movement upwards. The price is still 17% above the 5-year average and 14% higher than the same week last year, and prices look set to remain at these levels.

As in the previous few weeks, beef is the major concern, with the imbalance of the carcass. Some supermarkets have started offering steaking meat at highly reduced levels, but the problem persists and with foodservice closures, this looks set to continue. Slaughterings rose by 13 % on last week balancing out the previous downtrend a few weeks ago. Pricing remains firm, with reports suggesting forequarter (mince, diced, brisket etc) and round cuts (topside and silverside) could be moving upwards.

Cow prices increased and slaughter picked up by 3%, with industry reports suggesting that demand for cow meat is strong, with some processors restarting orders again.

Pricing on lamb remains relatively unchanged, with a slight movement up on new season lamb. Throughput was approximately 10,000 down on previous last week; this is to be expected with the switch to new season lamb.

Poultry remains stable but firm with no movement from last week.

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