Pork: Prices continue their upward trajectory and pricing is still 17% above the 5-year average and 14% higher than the same week last year. Prices look set to
remain at these high levels for now with slight increases weekly as we have been seeing over the last month or so.

Beef: The closure of hospitality is most markedly seen in the imbalance in demand for the whole carcass for meat – leading to an oversupply of steak cuts.

Consumers have begun to see this in the supermarkets with some staggeringly low steak prices being offered. Overall, pricing remains firm with reports suggesting that there could be a rise in the price of forequarter (mince, diced, brisket) and round cuts (topside & silverside) in the near future.

Lamb: Prices gain slightly as we move from old season lambs (hoggets) to new season lamb.

Poultry: Pricing remains stable but firm with no movement from last week. Industry reports suggesting we could see some rises in the coming weeks,
especially if schools reopen on a significant scale.

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