Pork supplies continue to be tight whilst prices have gone up slightly since last week – although numbers are approximately 7,000 head below average for the week.

Beef remains the biggest concern with the imbalance of the carcase. Prices remain highly influenced by foodservice closures and there are no signs of the present situation changing. Mince, dicing and round cuts are tight this week, with short weeks previously they are still holding their upward pricing. Steaking meat is floundering, as in previous reports, concerns over processor revenues continue with possibilities of lesser production.

Beef slaughterings have improved slightly on the previous week but are still lower than normal.
Hogget prices remain unchanged, whilst new season lamb prices are up and continue to move in an upward direction. Throughput has increased from last week, however is still low for this season. Throughputs over the coming weeks would normally be expected to drop as the market switches from hoggets to new season lambs.

Poultry has finally stabilized with no movement from last week, again, as in last week’s report, change may happen if production is lowered.

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