As we end what has been another difficult week, we’re seeing more and more issues with the supply of fruit and vegetables. Both supply and demand are still very volatile and prices have rocketed even within the basic root vegetable family.

As we pointed out last week, we very much depend on imports at this time of year and during these unprecedented times, labour both in the fields and in the logistics chain is short due to coronavirus.

We are still a few weeks away from UK crop starting, but given the improved weather of late, we will hopefully have more UK grown fruit and vegetables soon.

An overview of market pricing:


Affordable (but have still seen price increases):

UK produce:

Outdoor rhubarb – good quality
Indoor asparagus – coming through nicely
Purple sprouting – about 6 weeks left, but prices are being driven up by the hike in broccoli pricing
Jersey Royals – Glasshouse crop, will be good on price a week or so after Easter

In terms of seasonal change, the Spanish season is ending, and the Dutch is beginning. Produce quality is very good from both Spain and Holland even as one ends and the other starts (tomatoes, courgette, peppers, strawberries) however, prices are difficult to predict but Dutch produce is overall quite expensive.

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