As we move into June, we’re seeing price increases diminish due to a reduction of panic buying and a recovery in the availability of produce. However, the sector continues to have a tough time due to the lack of trade caused the near closure of the education sector and the total closure of the hospitality industry – leading to reduced delivery days and an increased number of supply partners ‘hibernating’.

A further source of concern is the lack of overseas labour currently available in the UK which has traditionally provided the majority of the ‘picking’ force for the UK harvest. The government has created the website “Pick for Britain” which intends to channel furloughed workers towards available picking jobs – although the success of this is yet to be seen.

Broccoli has been at a startlingly high price for the last few months. Fortunately, the start of the UK season and increased supply from Spain have resulted in prices moving to a level which is much closer to normal for the time of year.

Cauliflower pricing still remains high as the UK main crop has not yet started and we would advise buying these by the kilo or box rather than the each due to the small head size.

Raspberries, blackberries, lettuce, asparagus and cucumber have all eased in price from June as the UK crop has now come in. Likewise, peppers, courgettes, grapes, tomatoes and potatoes (bakers) are returning to fairer market prices.

To Buy:
• Courgette
• Spring greens
• Candy and Golden Beetroot
• Broccoli
• Little Gem, Cos, Lollo Rosso, Oakleaf lettuce
• Strawberries

Buy with care:
• Apples – Bramley and Granny Smith (Stored since Sept’ 2019)
• Citrus – Grapefruit, Lemons, Nectarines, Clementine’s and Satsuma’s (Southern Hemisphere)
• Root Veg – Parsnips, Swede and Turnips
• Pears – Southern Hemisphere (South Africa and Chile)

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