Arthur David (Food With Service) Limited

Fresh produce supplier, Arthur David is a business that truly lives by its motto, ‘Leave it with us’.

Speaking with Beth Tuck, Sales and Marketing Manager and Lily Knowles, Group Sales Account Manager, it’s clear that the mantra permeates everything the business does. Beth tells us, “Ultimately that is something we stand by every single day. When there’s snow, when there’s rain, we’ll do our absolute best to get the product to the customer.” Lily agrees: “I think that’s been a core value since the very start of the business; Arthur and Diana were saying how they delivered oranges to a nursing home on Christmas Day when they first started the business just to make sure they wouldn’t go without. It’s keeping that through to where we are today.”

Arthur and Diana, founders of Arthur David, began the business in 1962, spawned from Diana’s family fresh produce business. Now with three generations involved in the running of the business, Beth explains, “It’s very, very important to us as a business to be family. Even though we’ve grown so big, we very much look out for the families that are involved; we’ve got so many generations of different families that work for the business and everyone is looked after.”

The ‘family’ aspect of the business is of utmost importance and it’s “the people that we work with on a day-to-day basis and the customers,” that Lily tells us are her favourite part of the job; “seeing their businesses grow and being able to sell this great quality produce and seeing what they then make out of it into delicious food” is key. This is echoed for Beth, who tells us, “We like to grow with our customers and wherever we can support, we will support – we will help wherever we can.”

This sentiment flows down into their local supply chain, with Beth explaining, “Our ultimate goal is to buy as local as possible. We’ve got some brilliant connections with local companies that we’ve used for a number of years. A lot of the local growers we use are family businesses; we’ve been using a number of suppliers now since we started over 50 years ago and we would never want to lose that relationship.”

‘Keeping it local’ however, is also about Arthur David’s environmental policies, with Lily explaining, “Everybody is just so much more environmentally conscious, and we want to be at the forefront of that. It’s just little changes, but it actually makes a huge difference.” These changes are taking the form of “planning our routes as best we can to reduce the mileage,” as well as ensuring that customers buy seasonally. Beth tells us, “We have a seasonal calendar that we supply to every new business, which means that they can then buy locally, as and where possible.”

What with this admirable ethos, do Beth and Lily have any final words of wisdom? The words are of course, ‘Leave it with us.’ Rounding off, Lily tells us, “I think that works outside of the business as well; you always want to be that person that somebody feels comfortable coming to and saying ‘I’ve got a problem and I know that you’ll be there to help me’.”