It's Friday afternoon, so there's NO DOUBT about what time it's #FridayFaces time! 👋

We introduce you to a different member of the IDC family every week, and this week it's Sally - who has the exciting job title Director of Treasury!

Today's time-wasting but oh-so-interesting #StatChat is the fact that bananas, cucumbers and kiwis are classed as berries, whereas strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are not! *mind blown*

What's your favourite fascinating (if useless) #foodfact ?
#workinghard #honest

It's Katie's turn to be congratulated for doing that #LittleBitMore 🎉🎉

We send out regular NPS email surveys via @sightmill. A recent comment included a rare name-check: "Katie from IDC has been brilliant at sorting out any questions for us". Top job!!


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