25 years of idc

To all those able to re-open today following lockdown, we wish you all the best for a good service. And to those still unable to, we are thinking of you and hope that you too will be back very soon. We are here for those who need us. #fishmonger #foodservice #hospitalityindustry

No @guardian, no we are not.
That is quite an allegation you are throwing our way.

We in fact made a spoof pump clip. We are not even selling the beer.

We have a menu of substantial meals for people to buy, before they can purchase alcohol.

EU pig prices have continued to decline in recent weeks 📉 Since our last update, prices have dropped back a further €6 in the three weeks to 22 November, averaging €133.81/100kg https://ahdb.org.uk/news/eu-pig-prices-continue-to-weaken #PorkMarketNews #PigPrices

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