25 years of idc

We’re back for another #FarmingFactFriday with some of the best UK agriculture stats you may not even know...

- #DidYouKnow the British countryside, which farmers manage, generates over £21 billion in tourism income a year!✈️

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we're looking back at our favourite 90's memories!

Our Commercial Director, Micah, has bravely shown us his very 90’s haircut - fit for the sixth member of N-Sync?🎤

#TimeCapsule #ThrowbackThursday

Have you ever wondered if chillis actually burn your mouth or why crackers have holes in them?

Well, we have the answers to help you win your next pub quiz!

- Did you know that chillis don’t burn your mouth? The chemical-capsaicin, tricks your mouth to feel like it’s burned🌶

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