We've got that #FridayFeeling, and today we're able to introduce you to a BRAND NEW PERSON! 👋

It's Claire Garrett, our new Head of Customer Services!

It's time for the #FridayFaces questions...

Join us as we #SayHello to another of the producers who work with our supplier @producewarriors. We LOVED our introduction to the world of baby leaf salads at @Bdowngrowers, especially hearing how they are working to keep it #locallygrown

Say hello: https://idcltd.com/blackdown-growers/

A little update on our Halloween pumpkin carving extravaganza... you will be happy to know that all pumpkins were either eaten or donated to @TiggywinklesUK, the world's busiest wildlife hospital, which is just down the road from us here in Haddenham #Sustainability #lovemyjob

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